Trinity has an active and vibrant youth program.  Our youth groups typically gather at least one time a month for a special event, and the older groups once a week.  Our groups include:

LOFT (High School, 9th-12th grade)

Christ’s Crew (Middle School, 6th-8th grade)

Daring Triniators (Elementary, K-5th grade)

We believe that youth are a vital part of the church today. The purpose of intentional ministry with our young people is to promote and foster faith/spiritual growth and development, promote healthy families, as well as to lead our young people into real ownership of and active participation in the life and ministry of our congregation. We also believe that ministry with our youth at Trinity is understood to be evangelical and not parochial. We invite and welcome youth who are not already a part of our faith community.

Trinity’s Youth Ministry is headed up by our Director of Youth & Family Ministries, Chad Nelson. HighSchoolClimb