Trinity, through its Benevolence dollars, supports many missionaries or missions.  Trinity’s Afternoon Circle has been sponsoring Tanya & Pastor Austin Propst in Madagascar, Africa.  In addition, the Missions Committee gives away dollars to support clean water efforts in Liberia, Lutheran Disaster Relief efforts around the world, and more.

Fair Trade Coffee & Chocolate are also offered at Trinity’s Equal Exchange cart most Sundays from 9-11:30 a.m. in the narthex at cost. In addition to coffee-whole bean and drip-regular and decaf-we have Olive oil. Don’t forget about candy bars, too! These make great gifts for teachers, neighbors. When you get these items from the Equal Exchange cart on Sunday mornings, the money is sent back to the farmer who raised the crop and those funds get invested in education, health care, and agricultural improvements. Trinity does not make profit off the availability of these products, and products are available for a donation. Stop by the cart on Sunday mornings and help support this worthwhile endeavor.