Daring Triniators Youth Group

The Daring Triniators are Trinity’s youngest (K-5th) youth group that meets monthly. This ministry has a special emphasis on family ministry, and families are almost always part of their events. The focus of this ministry is to cultivate fellowship, as well as equip parents to grow their children’s faith in the home.

Daring Triniator Typical Yearly Events include

Youth are an integral part of the congregation at Trinity. The older members value the youth for their energy and commitment they bring to the Trinity community, and the youth value the older members for their wisdom and support. Trinity youth are not the church of tomorrow; they are the church today!

Trinity’s Youth Ministry is headed up by Chad Nelsen, Director of Youth & Household Ministries.


Upcoming Elementary Youth Events

Sat, Jan 26th, 10am – 12noon. Cookie making and games. Join us for a fun morning of making and decorating cookies and playing games in between! Daring Triniators will get together in the new fellowship hall.  We’ll have board games available, but please bring your favorites from home. If you have some fun cookie cutter shapes, feel free to bring those too! Invite a friend!

Sun, Feb 3rd, 9:15am Bring a Friend to Sunday School! Wouldn’t Sunday School be even better with another friend?! We know it can be a little scary to invite a friend to Sunday School, but we also know that they would enjoy what we have here at Trinity. So, Sunday Schoolers, let’s be a little brave and start asking our friends to join us for Sunday School on February 3rd! On one of the next Sundays, grab a invitational postcard from Chad and pass it on! Hope to see lots of friends here!