Lutheran Confirmation is a Three Year Journey

Trinity’s Confirmation instruction is a three year learning experience for our middle-school age youth. The primary purpose of Trinity’s Confirmation Ministry is two-fold:

  1. To help our young people prepare themselves for a public affirmation of the faith in which they were baptized (confirmation)
  2. To train our young people to be leaders in and for the church

Trinity offers confirmation class for youth ages 6th – 8th grade.  

6th Grade is an introduction to The Bible, its stories, wisdom, and truths.  The Bible is the Word of God and is the story of God’s plan of salvation for all humanity. It is the story of the promise and fulfillment of salvation through Jesus the Christ. The prayer for this confirmation class is that each student will leave with the assurance that the Bible is God’s Word, the knowledge that he/she needs the Holy Spirit to interpret the scripture, and that scripture is a primary resource for faith and life.

With a firm foundation on Scripture, the 7th Grade year of Confirmation Class is designed to help the students formulate their own personal theology upon which they will base their life’s decisions of ethics and morality. The students will study the main principles of the Christian faith using Luther’s Small Catechism as a teaching and learning tool in compliment with the Bible. The Catechism addresses the fundamental questions and the rich gospel-centered responses that have shaped our identity as Lutheran Christians. (ie. The need for reform; God’s forgiveness; teaching the truth; and the basics of faith.)

8th Grade is a year where youth make their faith their own, including learning about other religions in the world, issues of peace & justice, and that we are called as Christians to make life different. In addition, 8th graders completely write and lead an entire worship service for the congregation and write their own personal statement of faith and present them to the congregation. The emphasis of the third year of Confirmation study is to prepare our young people for full partnership in the ministry of Jesus Christ through Trinity.


Confirmation Classes

All church activities are cancelled until April 1, 2020 due to coronavirus concerns.