This congregation welcomes all who are baptized to receive Holy Communion. It is our custom to receive the bread in our hands and then receive the wine by either individual cup or common cup.

For those unable to receive wine there is white grape juice available in the center of the individual communion cup tray. Gluten-free wafers are also available from the server in the center.

When parents feel their children are ready to receive communion prior to Confirmation are asked to let the Pastors know. The pastors will then work with you to provide Early Communion Instruction. All children are invited to come forward to receive a blessing. Those having received Early Communion instruction are invited to receive the elements.

As part of our inter-generational philosophy, young members of Trinity stand at the ends of the Communion lines ready to bless those who’ve taken Communion. If you wish, you may allow them to YouAreChildofGod2make the sign of a cross on your forehead with Holy Water along with their statement that “You are a child of God.”