Trinity Youth Community Fund
Trinity Lutheran Church
"A mission outpost in a troubled world..."
The Trinity Youth Community Fund (TYCF) ministry became a part of the
youth ministry at Trinity Lutheran Church in 2002.  The goal is to engage
youth in their community and help them put their faith into action outside the
walls of Trinity.  For the first three years, TYCF was funded by the Sylvia
Gunning New Venture Fund through a grant received for $15,000 (split up into
three-year increments).  In addition, the youth raise 10% of this $5,000 each
year to help them take ownership of this project, and to assist, as needed, in
covering administrative costs of copies, postage, food, etc.  

The mission of the TYCF is to make the world a different place to live in for as
many people as possible.  The program is modeled after a similar program run
in local schools by the El Polmar Foundation.  This ministry is entirely youth-
driven and typically involves 10 youth each year -- which makes it unique
compared with any other ministry in our Synod.  This ministry has become an
integrated and integral piece of Trinity’s youth ministry.
Through this ministry, our 8th-12th grade youth have taken part in site visits to
learn more about the organizations serving those in need and helped to share
Trinity’s mission in ministry with over 300 non-profit organizations throughout
Boulder County and the Denver-Metro area.  A typical year works as follows:

January - Organizational meeting to review program goals and timeline.  This
meeting includes learning about the range and needs within Trinity and of other
non-profit organizations.

February - Youth decide on grant criteria, for example: which areas (health,
housing, educational, spiritual, etc.) we would like to fund, what a “successful”
proposal should include, and the number and size of grants we would like to fund.  
The youth also advertise the grant program to organizations and encourage them
to submit proposals.  

March - Interested organizations will submit proposals. (Usually, over 300
requests for proposals are solicited each year via mail and an e-mail is sent to all
non-profits included on the Colorado Non-Profit Association e-mail group.  In
2010, we received 46 proposal requests).  

April - The youth will review proposals, meet with grant applicants and conduct on-
site visits wherever possible.  The youth will decide on grant winners.

May - The youth grant out the monies during both 8:00 & 10:30am Sunday
morning worship services at Trinity.
troubled world, making a God shaped impact on the World."